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The alpaca was domesticated by the ancient Incans over 5,000 years ago for it's fine fleece. They are a member of the camilid family which includes camels, llamas, vicunas and guanacos.

The fleece of the alpaca at one time was reserved only for royalty. When the Incan civilization was destroyed, the alpaca only survived in the remotest of Andean heights. Through continuous selective breeding, the native keepers created one of the world's greatest natural fibers. Discovered by the western world last century, alpaca fiber is sought world wide for it's light weight, warmth, silky feel and long wearing properties.

Alpacas are known as one of the world's best, most productive livestock investments. Imported to the United States beginning only in the mid 1980s, there are still relatively few alpacas in North America, assuring strong prices for the foreseeable future.

There are many benefits in raising alpacas, including a wonderful country lifestyle. The animals are clean, hardy, disease resistant, easy on the land, and a joy to raise. Some say there is no other livestock investment that will multiply at the rate alpacas can. Even if you don't have the necessary rural property to raise your alpacas, boarding is available at some ranches, allowing even city dwellers the benefits of owning and raising these marvelous animals.

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